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VIP Protection Plan

Washing a vehicle

1-Year Triton Car Care System

Exterior Paint Protection Warranty:

Painted exterior surfaces that are treated with Triton Protect Exterior are covered against damage resulting from fading, weather-induced cracking or peeling, oxidation or loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap. Exterior Lens Protection Warranty: Headlight lenses are covered against weather-induced fading and/or oxidation.

Interior Fabric Protection Warranty:

Interior fabric trim that is treated with Triton Protect Interior Protection is covered against stains from any normal oil or water-based spills such as water, grease, coffee, milk, oil, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, or any similar non-corrosive liquids; rips, tears, and burns, less than 1" in length or diameter.

Interior Vinyl & Leather Protection Warranty:

Interior fabric trim that is treated with Triton Protect Vinyl & Leather is covered against weather-induced cracking and rips, tears, and burns less than 1" in length or diameter.

1-Year Nitrofill Protection

Tire Repair & Replacement:

Will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your NitroFill filled tires should you experience a flat tire or tire failure due to a road hazard.

Unlimited Roadside Assistance:

You are covered for emergency road service, towing, and the delivery of emergency supplies throughout the entire United States and Canada.

Tire Service at Mechanic
Car salesman reviews car details with a male customer

1-Year Triton Theft Protection System

The Triton Theft Protection System, permanently installed on vehicle body panels, guarantees to the original owner/lease of the described vehicle that the system installed will be a deterrent against vehicle theft, and in the event, the System fails and the described vehicle is stolen and not recovered or recovered, and deemed a total loss, as a result of the theft, as defined by the customer's primary insurance company, we will pay incidental costs to the original owner of to the transferee, if this Agreement is transferred subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

Handing over a vehicle key

1-Year Key Replacement Protection

Premium Key Replacement: With this program, keys are replaced at no cost to you, in the event your key is lost or damaged we will pay for the replacement. If your key is accidentally locked inside your car, you will be covered by the services of a locksmith.

If locked out of your home, you will be covered for services to unlock your home.

Coverage extends to all personal keys such as homes, boats, trailers, and more.


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